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  Parsons Magic Tools offers high-quality ladder locks, a durable and easy-to-use device that turns your ladder into a multi-use ladder, eliminating the need to buy multiple ladders. It's also the best safety device ever created for a ladder. It prevents the ladder from sliding side to side. It also prevents the ladder from kicking out at the bottom, and it supports more weight . Our ladder locks eliminate the need of using c-clamps, straps, chains, bungee cords, or rope that were earlier used to secure the ladder. 

  It benefits maintenance personnel, contractors, homeowners,electricians , cable and line workers, fire and rescue, tree trimmers, and all others who use an extension ladder for various purposes. Ladder locks provided by our renowned company ensures the safety of the person by reducing the chances of an accident during work. 

  Its fully adjustable arms that fold out easily and fold up easily, making its installation as smooth as possible. You can connect our ladder locks to almost all standard size extension ladders. 

   So, what are you waiting for? Explore our wide assortment of ladder locks and choose the one that caters to your specific requirement.  

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extension ladder with ladder lock , ladder attachment ,Ladder Locks, Ladder Attachment, Ladder Security Lock

Get the best ladder attachment to ensure your safety!

Ladder Attachments that are simple and safe to use

Cameraman standing on an extension ladder in the middle of a room  with a full-size camera.

  Bring the utmost level of perfection to your work by using our high-quality and most advanced ladder locks that make your ladder the most useful and safest tool on the job.

Used in the residential and commercial sector

Use a ladder without damaging metal roofing , gutters, shingles, or paint.  And be secure and safe.

  Now work flawlessly and comfortably by installing the ladder locks for the roofing, construction, maintenance, electrical, cable, homeowners, tree workers, fire and rescue, and all other jobs in residential and commercial . 

Availability in a variety of types and sizes

Turns your ladder into a multi-functional multi-use ladder. Eliminates the need to buy other ladders

  To meet the diverse requirements of the clients, we provide a range of ladder locks and ladder attachments at a cost-effective price. 

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Check out this video to know how our ladder attachment and ladder locks work. By the end of these videos , you will know this ladder lock secures your ladder like it has never been done before. If you work on a ladder,This product will most likely save your life, or prevent injury.  

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